Molly Donelly 

The oldest of the Donelly sisters, and the only one without magic. When her father was murdered by the White Werewolf, she picked up his gun and his responsibilities. She is known all over for her uncanny shots and her gun that never needs ammunition.



Margaret Donelly

The second-eldest child, and the quietest. She is skilled in household magic, keeping the place running smoothly. She prefers the company of books to that of people.





Fionna Donelly

The youngest sister and the most apt with magic. She takes most after her father with her pointed ears and brilliant red hair. Animals and people are naturally drawn to her and her restless spirit. She is particularly fond of Faolan, the Irish Wolfhound who followed her home one day.




Mama Donelly

After the White Werewolf killed her husband, she had to take care of her three children on her own. She has no magical talents, but is forceful enough to not need them. She tries to keep sheep and make clothing from their wool, but they get killed by the werewolves too often to actually make a profit.


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